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Logistics, Design & Production Manager

Xavier Ris

After previous experiences in the watch and medical industries, Xavier made a 180° turn by putting his precious technical and logistical skills at the service of our agency since many years. Never short of good advice, he supports the team for all of its missions: technical achievements, creation of decors, on-field support. He goes the extra mile and pushes the limits of our imagination by bringing to life our most creative concepts. Xavier is also taking care of logistics aspects of the agency by managing transport for all events and coordinating our fixed assets: furniture, equipment, materials.

Rigorous and straightforward, he manages the operational teams by encouraging them give the best of themselves for the success of events.

During his free time, Xavier never stops! In addition to managing a stable in the Geneva countryside, he's always on the lookout for everything he can create, tinker with, invent or build from scratch!