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Facial recognition - The next step to streamline events

Facial recognition (FR) is rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives. iPhone X users open their phone using FR as their passwords. Airlines and TSA are starting to use FR as a faster and more secure way of check-in and boarding flights. Apple, Facebook, Google and Snapchat have made recent significant investments to build their FR capabilities. It is likely, in the next few years, that FR will help to eliminate passwords and provide easier and more secure ways of protecting our online identities and data.

And now, FR is coming to events! Onsite registration providers are in the early stages of using FR to reduce event check-in/badge pickup time with many additional options for event improvement in the future: a significant headway for a cutting-edge event check-experience. This solution can also be used to deliver photos in which participants are recognized after an event.

Delight your attendees. 

Generate buzz for your event. 

Engage your attendees.

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