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Airport year-end party

For the Geneva Airport annual employees end-of-the-year party, a double concept was proposed, mixing the worlds of aviation and parties, creating a colorful and festive atmosphere and above all, leaving guests with a long-lasting feeling. 

The Palais des Congrès in Geneva was transformed for the occasion into a real airport where everything, down to the last detail, was thought through: boarding gates, billboards, check-in desks and many more surprises were to be discovered throughout the evening.To kick-off the night, guests enjoyed a cocktail in a 1920s environment, decorated with a magnificent custom-made aircraft, specially created for the occasion by our team. After crossing the gate’s doors, guests discovered a sumptuous scenography in blue tones, creating a felted yet festive atmosphere. The stage, with its bay window style screens, created the illusion of being on a tarmac while broadcasting archives related to one century of history, for an imminent take-off back in time.

To top off the event, a real aerial ballet of radio-controlled airplanes took place, offering impressive visual effects and immersing guests into a captivating show. 

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