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End of the year party

For its yearly employee end of the year party, the renowned Bank BNP Paribas, Events Concept once again was committed to consider all aspects of the bank's wishes and organized a unique and unforgettable event. Our main goal was to create an environment of entertainment and sharing. Another objective of the company celebration, beyond fun and leisure was to develop employees’ pride, trust and loyalty. The entire event turned around the following key steps: Motivate, Bring together, Exchange, Promote, Thank.

Our creative team created a concept around music, with sparkling stars and musical notes, producing a harmonious environment for a festive evening. This dynamic was enhanced with a master of ceremonies who took the participants on a crazy group game adventure. Employees were invited to dress up into their favorite idol for the night: from Michael Jackson, Madonna, to Elvis Presley, all stars were present. The party was a great success!

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