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A glittering reopening

Sporty but chic, retro but modern. This sums up the atmosphere we have created for Breitling’s boutique opening in Paris. Air, Earth, and Sea – central in the brands universe – were three core elements for the entire concept.

To arouse curiosity, an old branded VW Van was parked in front of the boutique the day before the inauguration. Festivities for the night included a joyful welcome with a photo shoot in front of the brand-new store, the traditional ribbon cutting, followed by the CEO’s speech, as well as the ambassador’s presentation and an exclusive site visit. French celebrities such as Guillaume Canet, Nathalie Pechalat, Camille Cerf and Alain Fabien Delon, among many others, were present to top the cheerful atmosphere of the event.

Last but not least, the trio “Slim & the Beast” offered a live performance, and DJ Louise Chen finished the night in style. A successful inauguration, nicely blending the “Chic Parisien” and Breitlings’ vivifying spirit, recalling its Swiss origins.


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