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The best of Italy

Bvlgari, "The Italian way of Life".

Our artistic team have put all of their efforts and creativity into showcasing the Italian way of life by transforming the Bvlgari boutique into a real Italian Piazzetta. Authenticity, Dolce Vita and conviviality were all reunited to offer visitors a real palette of Italian flavors and colors. The scenography of the display was key to the entire concept: we displayed the products on traditional white carts respecting the elegant and refined standards of the brand. One of the carts was designed to expose Bvlgari exclusive products, another one was inspired by the flower market, a third one proposed champagne and the last one offered tasty Italian Gelato throughout the day. To make the decor even more realistic, a vintage 1964 Italian Lambretta was placed at the entrance of the Boutique so guests could take pictures with it to remember this special moment.

Along with the scenography, many activities were offered, including a sharing box and the presence of the internationally renowned DJ Miss Ghyss.

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