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Dealer Roadtrip

Honda Motor Company, or simply Honda is a car, trucks and motorcycles manufacturer. Events Concept has been working with this great brand for many years now, to create various exceptional events around the world. For its Moto Dealer Reward Roadtrip, the chosen destination was Greece. Greece is a place of culture and art. Its history and outstanding natural beauty and excellent infrastructure have made it an ideal place to hold conferences and incentives.

An eight-day road-trip was expecting 30 bikers. To guide them, a clear and thought through itinerary had to be developed; both by the sea and up through the mountains, including a variety of activities and pit stops along the way: sandy beaches, picturesque little villages, ancient sites, and lush forests. Gastronomy, Greek specialties and traditional foods, had an important place during the trip as well. Last but not least, we had planned different types of accommodation for each night, all unique in their own ways.

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