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Vasco Da Gama Launch

Over 500 years since the Portuguese explorer set out on his fantastic adventure, the Montblanc brand wished to honor Vasco de Gama by joining him on his quest for precision. How did this adventure ended? A silver sunburst dial featuring both time and date functions obviously.

For the launch of this special timepiece watch, we recreated the exceptional journey of Vasco da Gama at the Président Wilson Hotel in Geneva.

The metaphorical journey started at Lisbon's harbor, where Vasco's adventure started. A combination of decorative elements such as historic visuals, an immersive sound system and strategic lighting allowed guests’ immersion back in time. The second part of the scenario represented the sea route of Vasco: we used transformed the pool in sea and installed floating maps to represent the mainland. A custom-made video using a static map and graphic animations enhanced the experience of the journey. The third part of the scenario invited guests to gather around barrels for a cocktail, referring to the arrival of the explorer in Africa before embarking onto his final destination. A digital décor made of travel notes and star constellations projected on the ceiling completed the illusion. The final step was Vasco's arrival in India. A room finely decorated in orange and pink tones welcomed guests for a fantastic gastronomic dinner. 

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