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Summer Party

Summer is here, and there is nothing better for a company than having their employees unwind and have some well-deserved fun! To do so we brought them a crazy concept at the crossroad between Hawaiian Luau’s vibes, Ibiza’s wildest parties and Saint-Tropez’s jet-set life.

To create the perfect atmosphere, we used bright and fun colors, as well as pool accessories, garden decorations and exotic, fruity prints. We also installed large Bedouin tents on the lawn of the property to create welcoming spaces for guests and give them the opportunity to relax. Lighting was strategic to building the right ambience and every bit of detail was thought through, the furniture was no exception! In addition, guests were able to play some of all-time garden party favorites; cornholes, flamingo ring toss, a baby foot and tin can games. All of this, while enjoying killer cocktails, a delicious barbecue and flavorful Ice rolls... Because what would be a summer party without these?

To complete the night, guests were able to kick it on the dancefloor, moving to the best beats of DJ Greg and the Be Live Band.

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