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Bicentenary Celebration

Tout jardin est, d'abord l'apprentissage du temps, du temps qu'il fait, la pluie, le vent, le soleil, et le temps qui passe, le cycle des saisons. - Eric Orsena

The concept : « au fil de l’eau, au fil du temps et maintenant… ». The spirit of water, symbol of life, purity and continuity, resonates perfectly with the activity of Mirabaud for 200 years, showing that over time, the bank continues and thrives while keeping its core values of anticipation, protection and growth. The evening was conceived as a “journey” similar to the course of water and the cycle of seasons, resonating perfectly with the essential values of Mirabaud.

The continuity between three distinct spaces – cocktail, tunnel and dinner – allowed guests to follow a real story. The dinner was punctuated by 4 artistic highlights with a gradual evolution, to finish in apotheosis by the celebration of 200 years. 

A curved panoramic screen of 23m radius, broadcasting 360° images, but also the presence of high-level artists mixing contemporary and interactive dancing performances, aerial representations and live music, creating a total immersion, throughout the entire evening. A musical theme has been designed and adapted to each and every painting.


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